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Professor Sarah H. Tolbert

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Young Hall 3045A
  • (310) 206-4767

  • Biography

    Sarah Tolbert received her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Yale University. She then received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC-Berkeley, studying the structure, stability, and electronic properties of nanometer sized clusters with Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos. She was then a Postdoctoral Scholar at UCSB, researching the synthesis, characterization, and physical and structural properties of new inorganic/organic composite and mesoporous materials with Prof. Galen D. Stucky.

    In 1997, Sarah joined the UCLA family as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and currently serves in both the Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering Departments. Her current research interests include self-organized nanoscale materials for electronic, magnetic, optical, and structural applications; nanomaterials for energy, including electrochemical charge storage and solar energy harvesting; semiconducting polymers; polymer templated nanoporous materials, including supercapacitors and strain engineering magnetic materials; new ultrahard and ultra-incompressible materials and functional materials through solution phase self-assembly.

    Sarah Tolbert

    Graduate Students

    Charlene Salamat

    B. S. UCSB

    Research: Semiconducting Polymers

    Interests: Travelling, wine tasting, cross stitching

    that's me!
    Helen Cumberbatch

    B. S. Wellesley College

    Research: Energy storage materials

    Interests: Reading, hanging out with animals, role-playing games

    Kat Estoque

    B. S. Cornell University

    Research: Magnetic and multiferroic materials

    Interests: Reading, baking, plants, tea, tomato throwing

    Casey Cornwell

    B. S. Northwest Nazarene University

    Research: Energy Storage Materials

    Interests: Running, backpacking, listening to music

    David Pe

    B. S. Northwestern University

    Research: Energy storage materials

    Interests: Popping, locking and dropping

    Susan Ju

    B. S. Korea University

    Research: Mesoporous low thermal conductivity material

    Interests: Drawing and doodling

    Spencer Hamilton

    B. S. Carleton College

    Research: Superhard and ultra-incomressible materials

    Interests: Scuba diving, plants, scenic drives

    Ethan Savage

    B. S. Penn State

    Research: Magnetic and multiferroic materials

    Interests: Working out, surfing, snowboarding

    Kodi Thurber

    B. S. University of San Diego

    Research: Energy storage materials (alloy anodes)

    Interests: Powerlifting, golf, music

    Nesibe Kalayci

    B.S., M. S. Bilkent University

    Research: Semiconducting Polymers

    Interests: Cooking and baking, reading, traveling

    Grace Kim

    B.S. San Diego State University

    Research: energy storage materials

    Interests: Backpacking, swimming, reading

    Jasmine Keane

    B.S. UC Davis

    Research: superhard and ultra-incompressible materials

    Interests: coffee, plants, rock climbing

    Xinyu Liu

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Research: semi-conductive polymer and graphene nanoribbons for potential electronic applications

    Interests: traveling and cultivating flowers

    Ewing Chen

    University of New South Wales

    Research: energy storage materials

    Interests: swimming, running, drumming

    Josh Engler

    Haverford College

    Research: Pseudocapacitors/superhard materials

    Interests: basketball, classic rock, hiking

    Kai Smith

    UC Berkeley

    Research: energy storage materials

    Interests: cooking, reading, houseplants


    John Amores

    Research: energy storage materials

    Interests: basketball, traveling, music