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Professor Sarah H. Tolbert

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Young Hall 3045A
  • (310) 206-4767

  • Biography

    Sarah Tolbert received her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Yale University. She then received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC-Berkeley, studying the structure, stability, and electronic properties of nanometer sized clusters with Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos. She was then a Postdoctoral Scholar at UCSB, researching the synthesis, characterization, and physical and structural properties of new inorganic/organic composite and mesoporous materials with Prof. Galen D. Stucky.

    In 1997, Sarah joined the UCLA family as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and currently serves in both the Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering Departments. Her current research interests include self-organized nanoscale materials for electronic, magnetic, optical, and structural applications; nanomaterials for energy, including electrochemical charge storage and solar energy harvesting; semiconducting polymers; polymer templated nanoporous materials, including supercapacitors and strain engineering magnetic materials; new ultrahard and ultra-incompressible materials and functional materials through solution phase self-assembly.

    Sarah Tolbert

    Graduate Students

    Yan Yan

    B. S. Fudan University

    Research: Developing porous nanostructures and using them for energy related applications

    Interests: Board games, gourmet food, travelling

    Stephen Sasaki

    B. S. UC Irvine

    Research: Magnetic nanocrystals and multiferroics

    Interests: Rock climbing, cooking, taking care of pet ants

    Patrick Yee

    B. S. UCLA

    Research: Structural analysis of semiconducting polymers

    Interests: Dinosaurs, scotch, and soccer

    Jialin Lei

    B. S. Sichuan University

    Research: Developing new superhard and ultra-compressible materials

    Interests: Reading

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    Terri Lin

    B. S University of Wisconsin - Madison

    M. S. University of Oregon

    Research: Electrochemical energy storage, electrochemical dealloying

    Interests: Hiking, snowboarding

    Ty Karaba

    B. S. New York University Abu Dhabi

    Research: Magnetic and multiferroic materials

    Interests: Reading, playing sports, cooking

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    Tori Basile

    B. S. The University of Texas at Austin

    Research: Cathodes for lithium-ion batteries

    Interests: Trying new restaurants and coffee shops

    K. J. Winchell

    B. A. Amherst College

    Research: Semiconducting Polymers

    Interests: Swimming, crafts, football

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    Jeff Kurish

    B. S. Carnegie Mellon University

    Research: Magnets

    Interests: Going on road trips, drinking coffee, making bad jokes, hiking

    Yiyi Yao

    B. S. UC Berkeley

    M. S. University of Minnesota

    Research: Magnesium Nanoparticles, Electrochemistry

    Interests: Reading, eating delicious food and desserts, hiking

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    Sophia King

    B. S. Adelphi University

    Research: THINNER materials

    Interests: Sleeping, poetry, hiking

    Andrew Dawson

    B. S. UCSB

    Research: Electrochemical dealloying

    Interests: Answering questions

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    Edgar Olivera

    B. S., M. S. UC Berkeley

    Research: Electrochemistry, catalysis, porous materials

    Interests: Soccer, social dancing, education, hiking

    Yutong Wu

    B. S. Jilin University

    Research: Semiconducting Polymers

    Interests: Traveling, eating delicious food, badminton

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    Shanlin Hu

    B. S. Boston University

    Research: Developing new superhard and ultra-incompressible materials

    Interests: Traveling, puzzles, photography

    Joe Mazzetti

    A. S. City College of San Francisco

    B. S. UC Davis

    Research: Nanoporous metals

    Interests: Pittsburgh sports teams, classic cars, reading books, video games

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    Shreya Patel

    B. S. Southern Methodist University

    Research: Magnetic and multiferroic materials

    Interests: Swimming, hiking, puzzles


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    Jack Tulyag

    Research: Multiferroic Nanocrystals

    Interests: Noodles, Bass Guitar, Wikipedia Binges

    Matthew Chin

    Research: Developiing porous nanomaterials for energy storage

    Interests: Eating, reading, playing saxophone, soccer

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    Vivian Wall

    Research: Thinner Coatings

    Interests: Theatre, baking, soccer